Acute understanding for people and their problems…

Testimonial by Elisabeth Müller
DATE: 19.06.17

How were you feeling before our coaching sessions?

I decided to start the coaching sessions more out of interest and curiosity than real necessity on a “money level”. I also had from the word go an instinctive feeling that I would profit from your charismatic personality, Ilana! There was just that impression that “there are no accidents in life” and that my path was meant to cross yours! 

How did you feel afterwards?

The sessions were very instructive and very well underlined the problems at the source of my fears and insecurity. It was also very pleasant to be coached by such an attentive, insightful and pleasant woman, who has left me loaded with energy and a general feeling of confidence and well being.

 What were you struggling with before our coaching together?

Well known problems of fear, insecurity and dependence, all of which have already been examined in the course of psychotherapy. It was however very interesting and reassuring to hear somebody else’s approach, interpretation and conclusions.

Who would you recommend coaching with me and why?

I would very definitely recommend coaching sessions with you, Ilana! You have an acute understanding for people and their problems, a healthy way of analysing a given situation and a very touching way to lead a positive and constructive discussion with your client!

What are you most excited about as a result of working with me?  How did it help you?

I have finished the first set of coaching sessions with a very positive and enthusiastic feeling, which is greatly helping to make decisive progress in my professional projects. I am therefore very grateful for your help and will happily get back to you when I need a next injection of encouragement!

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