Coffee Time with the ‘Spooglers’ at Google’s HQ in Zurich

Last Friday , I was honoured to be invited to talk with the “Spooglers” (spouses of Google employees) at their über-cool Headquarters in Zurich.

It was a great opportunity for me to share with them my story of moving to Zurich with my husband’s career.   As a “trailing spouse”, myself, I felt lost, and as a consequence, my spending habit spiralled out of control.   I went from having a successful career to suddenly just being a Wife/Mum in a foreign city.

It felt good to the open to share my personal story with them, and many of them could relate to it (see their feedback below).

Being the spouse of an expat is not always easy.  When the excitement of the move transforms to the harsh reality of having to build a new identity for yourself – even if you had a great job, a great life back home – you have to start from scratch again.   It is often challenging to rebuild your identity, particularly when faced with a foreign language and a different culture, and it may be disheartening to learn your qualifications and experience mean very little in your new location.

Sharing my story is my way to help start the journey of positive change – it is not only about changing your “Money Story”, but more about re-igniting your passion, finding a way to profit from it and create a new you.

It is like the re-start button has been pressed and you have been given the opportunity to start again afresh.  I invite you to explore and enjoy this unique situation, once you start to view it in a different way, you will be pleasantly surprised by the range possibilities are out there.

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