Couples Coaching

Couples Coaching

Money issues can be the #1 cause of divorce, arguments, fights, stress, and anxiety.  It can start with disharmony and end in divorce.  To create True financial intimacy, couple coaching will create a healthy transparent and compassionate way of communicating.

We will work through setbacks and challenges and get a greater knowledge of how to change behaviors so that money will become a source of joy by learning how to talk in an empowering way.

A couple coming together with their own beliefs, ideas or patterns around money, can create issues and conflict. Especially when money was not spoken about or made a clear understanding in the beginning of the relationship.

Creating a financial intimacy for couples, we need to work on our individual beliefs and together create understanding, awareness, and compassion.

The initial process involves The Core Process with 2 sessions of building a strategy and new intentions for a healthy relationship going forward.