For the Love of Money

OK, I hear you…   some of you reading this blog will be horrified to think that I’m telling you to Love Money, when perhaps everything you’ve be told and learnt is that to Love Money is all wrong, and some of you may even feel that it is evil.

Well read on and you’ll find out I’m not telling you to worship money, however I am, however, encouraging you to “love” money more and how “respecting” your money is a positive thing to do.

So, what do I mean….

Money is a tool

Some people learn quite quickly how to use this amazing tool, while many others are taught to be fearful of it, that it is evil and by desiring money you are a bad person, and thereby creating an unhealthy relationship with money.

Let’s be honest here…. we all need money in our lives.   We need to buy food, clothes and pay for a roof over our heads.   And many of us enjoy the occasional luxury –  like going to the movies, enjoying a meal in a good restaurant, going on holidays, or doing something fun with our children.   

Think about the last time you did something or bought something for someone you care about and how you felt seeing the sheer joy on their faces.   Your money allowed this to happen, and I’m sure you will agree it was so worth it.

Money supports us in so many ways, and yet still so many people are not comfortable with it.

February is the month of LOVE…   so I ask you to look at your own relationship with money and if it does not feel good, then there are some ways you can start to change this…

Money Love

Money loves to be loved – it loves being enjoyed, it loves being helpful, it loves being there to support you.   In fact, money has the same energy vibration as love.

And, in spite of what you might believe, there is an abundance of money in this world.    All you need to do is to learn to LOVE YOUR MONEY in the right way and it will want to flow in your direction.

My challenge for you this month is to think about your relationship with your money and how you can start to learn to show it more LOVE and to focus on all the great things it allows you to do and enjoy.


The Mindful Money Coach


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