How to Love Your Money More

5 Ways to Love Your Money More

1.   Start to RESPECT the money you have.

  • Check you wallet/purse and clear out all the old receipts and papers.  
  • Put your paper money into correctly not all screwed up, and if your wallet/purse is too full of coins, spend them or put some in charity box.
  • Even buy yourself a new wallet/purse to replace an old worn out one.

2.   Be GRATEFUL for everything money currently does for you.

  • Start saying every day how you are thankful for the money in your life.  When you make a purchase or pay a bill – say thank you to your money.

3.   Be OPEN to receive money into your life.

  • Start to allow yourself to receive more money into your life.   Be open to receive money, you might not always know where it is coming from.
  • And if someone offers you money for something you have done for them  – graciously accept.

4.   Keep TRACK of the money you have.

  • Showing respect towards your money also means that you keep track of it.   Check your bank balances and make sure you know where you stand at all times.  
  • Start saving money for a particular purpose (e.g. a holiday, a birthday, a special treat) and truly enjoy it.

5.    Say THANK YOU to the money that flows into your life.

  • When you receive money into your life, you pay check or even a surprise windfall, then always remember to say thank you.


How Do You Appreciate the Money in Your Life?

Start by completing the statement below with at least 10 things that Money does for you – things that you need to make your life comfortable, things that make you happy and things which would enjoy>>>

I LOVE MONEY because it allows me to _________________________________________


Download the PDF Handout to complete the Statement and 5 Ways to Love Your Money More

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