Make 2018 Your Best Year Yet with Great Goals


Here we are at the start of a new year – full of hopes and dreams.

Yet another year is behind us and we are right at the point where we can make this one even better.   

Now is the time to plan for 2018 – to make this a year filled with SUCCESS and, of course, PROSPERITY!   

Some of you will have made New Year Resolutions, but honestly, I prefer to sit down and put together real GOALS.  Goals, to me, are all about taking action, and action is required to drive us forward towards achieving our dreams.   

To set my GOALS, I reflect on my achievements and learnings from the previous year, and then focus on my desired outcomes for the year ahead.  I love doing this, as it makes me appreciate all my successes, big and small, in the last 365 days.  It fills me with renewed energy and excitement for the next 365 days.

I invite you to take some time and really plan what you would wish to achieve in the next 12 months.  What are your hopes and dreams, and more importantly, what actionable steps can you take to shift them into reality.

Here are 3 tips to stay connected with your GOALS:

  • Write out your Goals out and pin them up somewhere you see them every day.   
  • Make a daily practice of reading them aloud first thing in the morning as you begin your day.   
  • Or, if you are a visual person, why not create a ‘Vision board’ showing your goals for the year ahead in colourful and inspiring images.


Allow me to share with you my 12 GOALS for a POSITIVE and PROSPEROUS 2018…

1.   If you want to Feel GOOD… Do GOOD.

2.  Give away blankets, toys and clothes that you no longer need – there are plenty of others who will be glad to have them.

3.  Donate an amount for each bed in your home to a homeless charity.

4.  Know you are worthy of making money by being aligned with the energy of Abundance.

5.  Release all negative energy and beliefs over money.

6.  Allow your self-worth and net-worth to keep growing.

7.  Wealthy people plan for 3 generations – poor people plan for Saturday night.

8.  Nothing happens without focus:  break down your BIG vision into smaller goals and take it one step at a time.

9.  When you think Positive Thoughts – your attract Positive Outcomes

10.   Giving up on your Goal because of One Setback… is like slashing your other 3 tyres because you got one flat.

11.  Keep a track of all your spending (outgoings and incomings) and to open to seize all moneymaking opportunities when they arise.

12. Take Charge in 2018 – and change anything you don’t like

Click here to download a PDF version of Ilana’s 12 Goals for a Positive & Prosperous 2018 


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