Money Coaching with Wendy Castano Vega

15 December 2017

Q. How were you feeling before our coaching sessions?

Wendy “Before I spoke to Ilana I felt like there was so much more to my life than what I was currently experiencing. I knew I had something great to share with the world but I was lost every day with out structure or direction. I was aiming for no target and hitting. With a one year old I felt like the role of being a mother had put all my dreams into a box that was to be shoved under the bed along with any form of individuality.”

Q. How did you feel afterwards?

Wendy “After speaking to her in the consultation I immediately knew that she was the teacher I was inactively searching for, I made the decision to change my life and invested in working with her. The return of that investment has allowed me to give myself permission to bring out that same box, open it and fulfil my life’s purpose. I’ve launched my Illustration Studio and everyday I am more aware of the
opportunities around me. I am no longer governed by fear and inadequacy.”

Q. What were you struggling with before our coaching together?

Wendy “Before our coaching sessions, my life had too many directions, too many projects that none of them were moving towards anything fast. I was indecisive and sacred of making the decision to do what makes me happy and fulfilled.”

Q. Who would you recommend coaching with me and why?

Wendy “I would recommend that anyone who is stuck to get in contact with Ilana, her intuition, abundant ideas and care will guide you through the fear and the pain and you will find you are better equipped to make decisions than you thought you were, you just needed the right teacher, friend and coach. Ilana is all of that and I’m so honoured to have shared with her.”

Q. What are you most excited about as a result of working with me? How did it help you?

Wendy “Now I am so excited to step into the New Year like never before. We all set resolutions and goals and let’s be honest, most of us forget them by the third week of January. Today I live my days with clarity and direction. I know what I want, I know where I’m going and I know that I am in control of my financial future.”

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