Do you suffer with money guilt or shame because your spending is out control?

I did…

Here’s my money story – and how I shifted from shame and blame, to feeling empowered and positive.

It all started 8  years ago when my husband came home from work and told me his boss wanted to transfer him to Switzerland.   

At the time, we were living in South Africa – we were enjoying a great life.  My daughter and son were settled at school and we had friends and family close by.

I had a great job  doing the marketing and events in a hotel and was running a successful spa, where many wealthy clients came for special anti-aging treatments.   I loved it – and even went to courses to learn about the amazing products.   I enjoyed what I was doing and had a real sense of purpose.

So, I told my husband ‘NO’, we’re not going.   However, he had already said ‘YES’ to his boss.   As you well imagine, I was angry and not very happy about the whole thing.   I was, more or less, told that I had to deal with it.

Even my children, who I thought would be on my side, were keen to go.  They even said I could stay, but our family dog would go with them.

* * * *

So 4 weeks later we arrived in Zurich…  and it was a complete culture shock:

  • I did not know the language
  • I had no friends or family
  • I had no idea how to get around – I kept getting lost on the trams
  • I had to get the children settled at their new school
  • I had to find a new family doctor and dentist
  • I had to organize our new home all by myself

Deep down I was angry and frustrated having to start all over again, particularly when it wasn’t of my choosing.

After a few weeks, my husband and my children were settling well into their daily routines.   My husband had his job and my children were enjoying their new school, busy making new friends.  Their new lives were beginning to take shape.

Meanwhile, I felt really lonely – I had no job, no real friends and no real sense of direction in my life.   I FELT LOST!

I ended up filling my time going along to endless coffee mornings and shopping.

Shopping, for me personally, was filling the void of loneliness, the lack of purpose, and the guilt I had about taking our children away from their friends back in South Africa.

Shopping was my only pleasure – it would give me the buzz I was missing in my life.

However, in reality my constant spending was becoming a serious issue.  My shopping habit was out of control.

To be honest, this spending had begun not long before we had even left South Africa.  I would spend until one credit card was full and then just apply for a new one.

My spending was becoming a major issue.  I was getting us into more and more debt.  I had my head buried in the sand about the consequences.

I now recognize that part of the reason for my spending habit, stems back to my childhood and how I grew up.    My family had a real SCARCITY MINDSET towards money.  We had gone without so many things and I just wanted my children to have everything they wanted.

It was crazy, I know that now…  but at the time it was the only thing I had that made me feel good and helped me to cope.

Of course, it did finally reach crisis point, when it was causing major issues in my marriage.  Every time a credit card statement would arrive – my husband and I would end up fighting about it.  It was awful!

I was really lucky, a good friend of mine, to whom I could confide, recommended that I get some help from a MONEY COACH.

I will admit that I didn’t know much about money coaching, but I knew I needed help.   I signed up.   

The Money Coach was really great and it was truly thrilled how it worked for me.   It literally changed my life around.

I found out where my money story came from and realized why I was behaving a certain way towards money.   I worked through the process to change my thinking and beliefs about money, and found constructive ways to pay off my debts.   Finally, with inspired action – I was set FREE!

It was after doing this coaching, I realized deep down that this was my calling.

With my first hand experience, I felt a great PASSION to use MONEY THERAPY to help others, who like me, needed to change their money stories.   With the right support, you can develop a new healthy relationship with money and identify how to become financially independent, based on you own unique skills.  

I knew without a doubt that this was my calling, and I did my Money Coach Certification in 2016.

Now, I am delighted to work with my clients and see the transformations that are taking place.   It is like a heavy weight is being lifted and they can see their way forward to enjoying a richer life.

Be warned – money coaching is known for changing lives!

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