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**This is a post on money for the women I know. I had to go high and low to learn this, if you are not happy with what you are earning right now, you need to read this *****

I speak to a lot of women who say they just cannot earn more money and the reason they are not happy with their lives (borderline miserable) is that they do not have enough money.

Most of us think that money is about our bank balance. Definitely, it is that too, but money is also strongly connected to emotions.

I’d like to burst a few myths, if you have said to yourself the problem is that I just can’t make more money…. here are a few truths;

  • The problem isn’t money. The problem is how we approach money, how we think about money and how we handle money. Women who constantly think negatively about money, tend to have money problems their whole life.
  • Women who instead of complaining about their lack of money, educate themselves about money are the ones who become more successful and ultimately increase their money.
  • We don’t learn financial education in school, and so we go into the real world with little or no financial roadmap and soon we are making bad financial decisions. Most of us have to educate ourselves on money as adults. If you are not doing anything about educating yourself about the emotional aspect of money issues and the practical day to day managing of it e.g. budgeting etc….. start now!
  • Some women expect to hook up with a rich / well to do man which means they don’t have to think about it. Some of us wait for prince charming to come and sort out our financial situation. Well for most of us, prince charming isn’t coming … and even if he does come, women live longer than men which means you may be around longer than he is and you still have to sort it out might as well start now. (a bit morbid but true!).
  • Our thoughts about money often stem from childhood. How our parents handled money provides the foundation for how we may handle money. This is reason generational poverty and generational wealth exists. Poor people impart bad money habits and beliefs to their children. On the other hand, wealthy people tend to impart their philosophies and strategies on wealth creation to the children.
  • Unfortunately most of us have learnt fear, shame and anger around money. These emotions drive a lot of negative behaviours around money….. I think the post is long enough I won’t go into details here.

I had to work with a money coach to understand the emotional drivers that were holding me from reaching my money goals. I read a ton of books, watched videos, went on group courses but I still needed one to one help. Help that was specific to me.

I made 4X what I spent on the coach in less than 6 months (on a side hustle) and it’s just the start. Thank you Ilana Jankowitz. If anyone would like more info inbox me. Don’t be one of those people who know there is a problem and do nothing about it.

**Testimonial provided on Facebook Page by Frida Kocholla

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