Chat with Elizabeth from Germany about her self-confidence and how coaching has helped her.

Sharing some experiences from Money Coaching. Interview with Raquel Pena Aristi

Ilana's approach to money coaching is both practical and intuitive. She guided me to a greater understanding of myself and transformed my relationship with money for the better. She took me through the process of gaining clarity about where I was in life and to chart a way forward in my life.  I am forever grateful to her for being part of this life-changing experience with me.

Hellen Otieno

LIVE Testominal from Charlotte Yubi on her experiences working with me on her Money Story

Client Testimonial - chat with Janet Groom following money coaching

A Transformation with Nicole Grandi on how her life has changed since Money coaching.

I met Ilana in August as we were both on the same Money Coaching training through the Money Coaching Institute in California.  We had a connection, both being South African but also personally. I was Ilana's practice client towards the end of the 4 month training.  I have such respect for her coaching skills.  She is naturally intuitive, notices the smallest details that I didn't even notice and through her I have made so many realisations and had a number of breakthroughs that have made me move forward both in my personal life and in my coaching business.  I highly recommend her as a money coach, she is absolute gold!

Marnita Oppermann


Ilana is an excellent coach...I can highly recommend her!

Deborah Price CEO and Founder of the Money Coaching Institute


I would highly recommend many of my friends, especially those who are monetary challenged. You have given me positive outlook and encouragement. It’s a matter of taking action and making it happen now. The business may not be running yet, however, there is a feeling of assurance and confidence in me at the moment. I am driven and feel very positive about my vision.

Cathy Miras


I would very definitely recommend coaching sessions with you, Ilana! You have an acute understanding for people and their problems, a healthy way of analysing a given situation and a very touching way to lead a positive and constructive discussion with your client! more...

Elisabeth Müller


She helped to sort out the things I wanted to reach and then go for it and get it done. She takes her job seriously and is very professional. more...

Nicole Grandi

self esteem

"You know a lot about so many things, like when I told you about my energy levels you knew how that could change and helped me. You knew about NLP practices too and that was amazing." More...




Your help to me has been, not only so valuable for my progression, but inspiring and has really lifted my spirits out of the doldrums I have been in. You picked up on my personality and my needs so quickly and offered practical advice that has resonated. But not only has the advice be wonderful, you are an absolute delight and I'm blessed that you have come into my life at such a critical point. Thanks 

Fee O'Shea



"I would recommend that anyone who is stuck to get in contact with Ilana, her intuition, abundant ideas and care will guide you through the fear and the pain and you will find you are better equipped to make decisions than you thought you were, you just needed the right teacher, friend and coach. Ilana is all of that and I’m so honoured to have shared with her.” Read more...

Wendy Castano Vega


"I am most excited about how I am now able to have faith in myself once more to be able to face the many challenges coming my way." more...




 Tina Hughes shares her testimonial about how she Doubled her Income in 2 months  See her live video on Facebook

Tina Hughes


I've always had a difficult relationship with money. It was something that I didn't understand or even like. I didn't like talking or thinking about it. I always thought money, even in my life, was some else's responsibility and that someone would take care of it and me. It was a mess. I have spent more time broke and desperate than I care to admit. Money just wasn't for me.

I then started working with Ilana using the Mindful Money Coaching System and within a very short space of time, my view and feelings towards money have changed dramatically. I didn't just need tips on how to make money  or how to make it grow, save etc., I needed guidance on how to change my perception and response to it. With encouragement and support, I was able to examine my past relationship with money, to be honest about my shortcomings, but also my dreams and desires. With the inner work now in motion, I can say with confidence that my change has shocked me. I am no longer afraid of money, or confused by it. I now welcome it and I respect it.
I am grateful for the help that Ilana has given me. Her time, patience and non-judgmental nature has enabled me to begin to move passed my blocks and to embrace my destiny as a creator of wealth.
Thank you Ilana.

Dora Jejey

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